Car Batteries are Essential to Your Vehicle’s Reliability, Performance

February 1,2018

Many drivers take their car battery for granted, but if your battery is weak, old or leaking, you are in danger of being stranded on the road. It’s inconvenient to find your car battery dead, and it’s an easily avoidable problem.
Car batteries have a limited lifespan and only last about three years. After three years, your battery could become weak and unreliable, and it’s best to have it replaced. Even the most observant car owners inadvertently leave their headlights on every once in a while, which will often drain your battery. Even though jump starting your battery will get you back on the road, the battery is likely compromised, and you should consider getting a new one installed.
They are easy to overlook, but your car will not run with a bad battery. Call our dealership in Vancouver, BC today and schedule an appointment to check your vehicle’s battery.

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