The Chrysler Pacifica’s Highway Safety Tools Make Driving Easier

July 16,2019

The Chrysler Pacifica has multiple safety systems that provide big advantages on the road. Among all of the standard options, the Adaptive Cruise Control and LaneSense are great solutions for busy highways.

While you’re driving the Pacifica on a long road, you can activate the Adaptive Cruise Control. This system is designed with Stop and Go technology, and it uses sensors to detect the distance between the Pacifica and another automobile. ACC is designed to function when the Pacifica is traveling under a practical highway cruising speed. LaneSense provides advantages while Adaptive Cruise Control is activated. It will help you steer the Pacifica to a safe lane when the vehicle accidentally drifts and sways.

Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is a local dealership in Vancouver that stocks new Chrysler Pacifica automobiles. We offer test drives so that consumers can examine key safety systems. Because we care about convenience, we arrange the sessions on streets by our dealership.

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